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Endeavor SnowboardsEndeavor Snowboards
Endeavor Snowboards

Endeavor Snowboards

Endeavor was founded in 2002 by professional snowboarder Max Jenke. It was born out of a desire to do things differently. To create products like no others. Focussing on the rider, on design and the emotions that snowboarding evokes. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we are detail oriented designers, art lovers, fashion enthusiasts, music addicts, free thinkers but above all; we are snowboarders. The constant belief that we can push the design of our products to new levels has always been a driving force behind Endeavor. From working with world renowned artists to developing new technology like our Smoothride Sidewalls, we will Always Endeavor.


Noble Custom

Custom House - Hillside Farm
Rempstone Road, Wymeswold
LE12 6UE