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Born in Austria, Kästle and its products stand for performance, quality and durability. At the production site in the Czech winter sports and mountain biking Mecca Nové Město na Moravě, massive investments have therefore been made in state-of-the-art facilities to meet the high demands placed on the production of a Kästle ski.

Courageous pioneering spirit by Anton Kästle, the founder of Kästle, started the KÄSTLE story back in 1924 and it is exactly this spirit that still characterizes the brand, the team today and inspires everyone to continue the story. The result is innovative products for passionate winter sports enthusiasts who believe as little in limits as we do.

Since 2019, when we celebrated our come back in World Cup racing, "fast as ever" has become the new slogan of the company. It stands for the companies transformation to become a leading player on the global ski market with a first class racing program at it's core again. World champs and olympic gold medallists such as Ester Ledecká, Ilka Štuhec or Jasmine Flury continue the legacy, that has been created years ago by legends like Toni Sailer and Pirmin Zurbriggen.


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