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SCOTT SportsSCOTT Sports
SCOTT Sports

SCOTT Sports

At SCOTT Sports we use design, innovation and technology in our mission to develop some of the best skis, boots, goggles and winter apparel on the market.

We put everything we have into making equipment so good that nothing can distract you from those experiences on the mountain – so that your mind and body can stay in sync from the moment you click into your skis to the moment you catch your breath, ready to do it all over again. Whether it’s the optical precision of our goggles or the carefully balanced combination of stiffness, flex and stability that create the right skis for your style, we don’t cut corners. There are no shortcuts to perfection. And that’s why we can honestly say our products create a link between you and the mountain. It’s what you live for. We never forget that. 


Scott Sports UK

SCOTT House, 4 Baker Road
NE23 1WL