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Futures Project Futures Project

Futures Project


Futures Sessions are designed to introduce skiers and snowboarders to new skills that will take their riding to the next level. Whether your heart is set on a place in the British Slopestyle Team, or you're just keen to try something different.

Aimed at skiers and snowboarders aged 6 and above, who already take part in snowsports, whether as newcomers to freestyle or young people who want to learn some new tricks. It is an opportunity to gain some extra coaching outside your club environment, ride with a new group of like-minded individuals or push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Futures Sessions are a joint collaboration between Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales. For booking and more information aboutna session near you, check out the links below:

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Snowsport England Futures Sessions

Snowsport Scotland Futures Sessions

Snowsport Wales Futures Sessions

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