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A bonnie weekend at the BritsA bonnie weekend at the Brits

A bonnie weekend at the Brits

April 2023

The BRITS freestyle ski and snowboard competition returned to its roots last weekend for the first event on home soil since 1991. With world class kickers, an outstanding rail setup and a banked slalom that was running both fast and fun, the competition was set for success.

No British freestyler’s resume is complete without some kind of victory at The BRITS, and this weekend over 200 hundred riders from across the UK made the pilgrimage to the long standing competition. Skiers and snowboarders did battle in slopestyle, rail jams, and a banked slalom race across various age categories, including a record number of Legend (over 35’s) entries!

An uncharacteristically windless weekend made Cairngorm mountain a very pleasant place to be with just a little fog putting a temporary hold to proceedings on Saturday. Lesley McKenna sailed to victory in the banked slalom, just 26 years after her first ever BRITS title. “It was brilliant to have The BRITS back on Cairngorm! Everyone involved in making the event happen pulled out all the stops to make it a wonderful weekend,” said the former Olympian. “The slopestyle build was the best to date on UK soil, the Rail Jam setup was world-class, and the banked slalom was both exceptionally well put together and a whole lot of fun. A huge success all round with the likes of athletes Kirsty Muir and Justin Taylor-Tipton in attendance, as well as folk from all age groups, from Juniors to Legends!”

Enormous gratitude goes out to Ellis Brigham, TSA, and Picture Organic Clothing, without whose support an event of this kind would not have been possible. Head over to to check out the full results and keep up to date with news on next year’s competition.

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