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Are you ready to send it for climate?Are you ready to send it for climate?

Are you ready to send it for climate?

August 2023

Send what? I hear you ask… A massive cliff? A misty flip? Well, just a postcard actually. This autumn POW UK are launching their Send It For Climate campaign in a bid to get the attention of political parties and make the outdoor community’s voice louder than ever. You can help make policy change that will get us back on track for Net Zero by 2050 and make our community more resilient and adaptable to the inevitable climate changes coming our way.
​All it takes is a postcard.
​POW UK have created physical postcards that you can distribute to your clients and customers to help capture the voice of the outdoor community. Retailers can have them in store, online retailers can send them out with orders, media can talk about the campaign and share links online, and all suppliers can distribute them amongst staff or at events. And it’s freepost. Just fill in the postcard and pop it in the post. You can even ask for a special postbox to have in store to gather up the entries from your customers. POW UK are distributing the postcards in August and will be sending them to the relevant ministers in November.
​But why postcards? Is that not just a waste of paper? So, research has shown that a physical letter that arrives on an MP’s desk has a much higher impact than an email into an already flooded inbox. What’s more, the carbon footprint of a postcard is substantially lower than you might think - especially as they're using 100% recycled and recyclable card. However, it will be possible to fill in a virtual postcard online, where sharing a physical postcard is not possible.
​Interested in getting involved? Contact for your stack of postcards today, or to find out more head over here for a write up and here for a video briefing.

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