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Bang On Time With AtomicBang On Time With Atomic

Bang On Time With Atomic

November 2021

From the minds of Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fuerst of the Redbull Skydive Team comes a unique look into the idea of combining the art of skydiving with freeskiing. Last spring, the Atomic Freeski Team made their way to Gurgl in the Ötztal region to collaborate with the two wingsuit pilots. After many days of battling the weather and timing issues, everything came together to finish the trip on a high note. The shoot included Atomic athletes; Nico Porteous, Fabian Boesch, Lukas Müllauer, Ralph Welponer, Ben Barclay, Miguel Porteous, and Ian Rocca. Red Bull TV have released the full documentary for a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get the Bang On Time. Atomic was a proud sponsor of this project and sports marketing manager Noah Wallace took part as a coordinator between the athletes. “I looked at the side while in mid air and I saw Marco looking at me, couldn’t believe he was actually looking at me while flying at 250 kph, then we met soon after and he said: nice backflip”, Ian Rocca (ITA) commented. “I always thought I was the one flying in the air, then I saw them” Watch the whole adventure here:

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