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Climate Change Upends Alpine Skiing World Cup. What Can Be Done?Climate Change Upends Alpine Skiing World Cup. What Can Be Done?

Climate Change Upends Alpine Skiing World Cup. What Can Be Done?

November 2022

Seven of the first eight World Cup events were cancelled this season due to poor conditions. Both [Outside]( 2023 Biz of Winter&utmmedium=email&hsmi=234978483&hsenc=p2ANqtz--H8xADI8tOIBST5KaqM1-hhbzNbfDl-ONdMTzGi4MV7aKCf8WBGRipKCNmneHIBz5Qc8m7r4M3LSAfgrM7BJJKuA&utmcontent=234978483&utmsource=hsemail) and The Washington Post have covered the story. Lack of snow, warm temperatures and wild weather is affecting winter around the world with devastating consequences. Slowly, it’s taking a toll on our industry too. It’s time to take action wherever we can, together we can be hugely influential.

Businesses have the power to influence change at scale, and the team at POW UK can help you have an impact. As a business leader, knowing where to start when it comes to climate action can be daunting.

POW UK’s business partnerships are symbiotic. You provide them with funding and support, while they provide education, tools, and resources on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

Become a POW Partner

As a charity, POW UK receive no government funding and rely solely on the generous support of the snowsports community to operate and achieve their mission. Without the support of our corporate partners, they wouldn't be able to carry out the vital work they do. 

Carbon Literacy Training

Education is the first step in your climate action journey, and POW UK Carbon Literacy Training is the perfect starting point. They provide training for organisations that want their employees to have a better understanding of the science behind the climate crisis. Accredited by the UN-recognised Carbon Literacy Project, this course is tailored to the outdoors community, making it super relevant to your team. 

Sign Up to the POW UK Newsletter

If you’re not ready to take the steps above, why not sign up to POW UK’s newsletter? It’s an easy step to help you keep on top of important climate updates and policies that will affect your business. They won’t bombard you with emails, but they will reach out to you at the times when it matters.

Protect our winters UK helps passionate people and businesses protect the things we love from climate change. Together, we can protect the things that we love from climate change - for everyone.

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