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Fall Line back on newstandsFall Line back on newstands

Fall Line back on newstands

September 2021

A personal message from Dickie Fincher, Publisher and Fall-Line Supremo. Fall-Line will be fully loaded with fresh stories and images for the five mags we’re putting out this season – four winter and one Alpine Summer issue. They’ll all be printed, which was the single biggest piece of feedback from readers over the season and through the summer. “You are going to print actual magazines again, aren’t you?” Yes, we are. Our regular survey shows the pent up enthusiasm for winter is firmly in place, with over 85% of our respondents planning a trip this season. We will be asking them shortly if they have converted that eagerness to ‘trips planned’, because many responses included the caveat of (to paraphrase) ‘if it’s relatively straightforward’. I’d like to know more about how relative that is. The website Despite my undiminished enthusiasm for print, we have been threatening to rebuild the website for some time. And it’s finally done! The travel section is now a lot more joined up - here’s an example: Head to Switzerland and you’ll see resorts listed, each with core reviews (which can have links or ads added – all VERY good for search engine optimisation). Keep scrolling down, and you’ll find every feature we’ve written on Switzerland over the past decade or so. All fabulous original copy telling tales of powder days, incredible resort trips, favourite lifts and resident ski heroes. Again, all these can be linked to other websites. This level of detail really does bring a region to life and makes a ski info hub. After all, who wouldn’t want to ski through the back gardens of Engelberg, or explore lesser known Japanese resorts. Without any promo so far we are seeing greater engagement with the travel section. Once folk realise just how many articles we have, we expect some people to need helivac help to get out… Newsletters & reviews With our growing database of enthusiasts needing to know how to go away this season, we’re going to be letting our readership know as the various travel protocols are released. The tour ops are doing a decent job of generating confidence and we will be sharing their positive news. At this point it’s all about travel, but any moment now thoughts will turn to kit and the retailers will switch into snow mode. Our reviews can be linked directly to products, which again makes a huge difference to SEO scores for those looking to flag up their offering. As every geek knows, a deep link is the finest way of all to build those vital search engine scores. Speak to Rich and join in! Here’s to a better season for us all,

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