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France pulls plug on snowsport for Brits - but for how long?France pulls plug on snowsport for Brits - but for how long?

France pulls plug on snowsport for Brits - but for how long?

December 2021

November was a pretty encouraging month for snowsport - retail demand was up with stock levels reducing, there were early snowfalls in the UK with conditions steadily improving in parts of Scotland and cold weather descended over most of the country. Switzerland had introduced severe quarantine regulations for Brits - but then reeled them in  - and in December a week long dump covered the Alps, setting up an excellent early season start. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, fear of the Omicrom Covid varient has pushed both the French (and German) Governments to effectively ban British travellers, causing chaos, confusion and heartache for skiers and snowboarders looking forward to Christmas in the French Alps. And a huge economic blow to the UK snowsport travel and retail industry. Some feel the French action could be reversed after the busy holiday period but in reality, as with everything Covid related - nobody knows. Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Bulgaria and Slovenia are still open for snowsport - as long as you are vaccinated and follow the travel rules for testing, usually involving a negative PCR result prior to departure . But France is the biggest market for UK skiers and snowboarders, so for the season to be salvaged, we have to hope for a speedy U-turn

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