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Latest changes to UKCA marking applicationsLatest changes to UKCA marking applications

Latest changes to UKCA marking applications

November 2022

The government has announced a series of changes intended to make it simpler for businesses to apply for the UKCA marking, including an additional time period to ease the transition. Changes are as follows:

  1. Products with an existing EU certificate are OK with the same certification sticker until December 2025.
  2. An existing EU certificate can be used to apply for UKCA marking without the need for actual UK testing. This will be valid until the date that the EU certification expires or 31 December 2027 (whichever is sooner).
  3. New products, or those without current EU certification, must be tested by a UK approved body for UKCA marking from January 2023.

If required, you can begin the application process for UKCA marking by a UK approved body through this link:

For further guidance please see:

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