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Let’s protect winterLet’s protect winter

Let’s protect winter

November 2022

From the valleys, the woodlands, and the wildlife within; to the lakes, the mountains, and the communities below: climate change is destroying the places we play and the things that we love - but it's all to play for.

The UK’s outdoor community is diverse, passionate, inspiring, and over 20 million strong. That's a lot of voices. Together, we can be hugely influential. Businesses have the power to influence change at scale, and POW UK can help you have an impact.

As a business leader, knowing where to start when it comes to climate action can be daunting. POW UK business partnerships are symbiotic. By providing POW UK with funding and support, they can offer you education, tools, and resources on how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your business and become more environmentally friendly.

Become a POW Partner

As a charity, POW UK receive no government funding and rely solely on the generous support of the community to operate and achieve their mission. Without the support of corporate partners, they wouldn't be able to carry out the vital work they do.

Train up your team with Carbon Literacy Training

Education is the first step in your climate action journey, and the POW UK Carbon Literacy Training is the perfect starting point. Training is provided for organisations that want their employees to have a better understanding of the science behind the climate crisis. Accredited by the UN-recognised Carbon Literacy Project, this course is tailored to the outdoors community, making it super relevant to your team.

Interested in finding out more? Head over to the POW UK website and explore the next steps towards protecting winter for good.

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