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Level Gloves launch sustainability programLevel Gloves launch sustainability program

Level Gloves launch sustainability program

November 2022

Creating sustainable products without losing performance is a balance that many brands are looking to strike. Level Gloves have taken a series of steps this year to reduce their ecological footprint on the journey towards a more circular, environmentally friendly industry.

The new Animal Junior glove is designed with only recycled materials, a milestone for the brand and a new green choice for young skiers. Now, Level Gloves are working on several new models to increase the range of fully recycled products.

In addition to recycled products, Level Gloves have taken direct action to help maintain the natural environment:

  • Removing plastics from shipping and packaging.
  • Organised clean-up sessions to keep our backyards in tip top shape.
  • Ski School partners in Bormio, San Sicario and Kaprun are inspiring young people to care for their local outdoor spaces.
  • Partnered with Save Soil, an international movement that supports leaders of all nations to implement policies and actions to increase organic content in cultivable soil.

You can find out more about Level Gloves Sustainable Program here:

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