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Telos Snowboards seeks UK agentsTelos Snowboards seeks UK agents

Telos Snowboards seeks UK agents

July 2021

Telos Snowboards: Inspired by legend, driven by purpose Legend has it that deep below Mt. Shasta, California exists Telos, an ancient but technologically advanced civilization, said to have once been the sister city of Atlantis. The earliest snowboard production in Telos History, within the shadow of Mt Shasta, spawned decades of technological innovations. Telos [te-los] noun - an ultimate goal or Purpose. Telos Snowboards are meticulously and Purposefully designed to inspire innovation of the sport and progression for all riders by making every day on the mountain your best! As riders with more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, Telos Snowboards engineer innovative shapes and technologies based on how a rider wants a snowboard to ride, by balancing flex and torsional stiffness, lightweight and durability, contact and stability and edge to edge control. Focusing on these key metrics helps to create the new and advanced ideas that continue to push the progression of snowboard design. Telos Snowboards provide what riders want, and what riders want is simple; a board should be lightweight, durable, stable, easy to carve, perform well as its intended and all-around fun to ride. Telos offers the ultimate tools to make every day on the mountain your best! The Award-winning lineup by Telos Snowboards includes the most innovative shapes for Snow Surf, All-Mountain and Freestyle resort riding, plus top performing Splitboards and accessories for trekking into the backcountry. With worldwide distribution channels in 7+ countries including the USA and a central HQ & warehouse located in Denver, Colorado, Telos Snowboards is now recruiting representatives to help expand our, already growing, international retailer network. If you are looking for a new and innovative hard goods brand to offer your customers, look no further. Telos prides itself on stellar customer service and Best of Show products. If this line seems like a good fit for you or your agency, email  today! Ben Schwitz Co-Founder/President

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